The clubhouse is a public building available during the golf season and during selected hours of the off season.  This facility was built for the golfing public first and foremost. Any event that is held at the Spencer Municipal Golf Course should not interfere with the golfing public’s ability to use the facility.  The golf board will approve any exceptions. Requirements for each group will fall under the listed guidelines:

Golf Simulator Rental:

The golf simulator can be rented by signing up for tee times.  The rental will be based by one hour increments, not by the number of holes played.  The simulator rental is based strictly on tee times. If a group has reserved the clubhouse for an event, the simulator will be closed to the public unless management determines otherwise. The rental fee for the simulator is $25 per hour.

Clubhouse Rental Fees and General Policies:

All events are required to place a $75 non-refundable security deposit at the time of scheduling.

The rental fee is $75 per hour for the entire clubhouse.

Events sponsored or conducted by the City of Spencer will be allowed at the discretion of the Golf Director and shall not interfere with the public’s use of the facility.

Events shall be supervised by Municipal Golf staff, and the Clubhouse will close at 11pm unless an exception is granted by management.

If golf is disrupted due to inclement weather, the building will still be available for the catered event.  The group will receive rain checks for the portion of golf that was disrupted by inclimate weather. Each event will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The group hosting the event will be required to complete the general clean up in their area or forfeit the security deposit.

Catering/Purchasing of Food and Beverages:

All alcohol and beverages must be purchased from the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.  Food brought onto the premises must adhere to the established catering policies.

For catered events (any food not purchased through the Golf Course, brought in), there will be an additional $2 per person charge. The caterer/event hosts will be responsible for any set up and clean up of the space.

Our main goal is to operate a golf facility that covers its own expenses while operating within the policies set by the golf board and the Spencer City Council.

Thanks for Choosing The Muni,

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations