The Muni Update

Jun 2, 2024
Good Morning,
The golf course irrigation renovation started this past week. The contractors were on site Wednesday to get the project started on #18 green. We used a small track hoe to expose the old irrigation heads and remove them from the system. Two new irrigation heads were installed in the place of the old sprinkler. Wiring was pulled from the valve box and tied into each irrigation head. The area was filled back in with soil and sod was added around the irrigation heads. 



There was a crew of six contractors on site for the first day and our staff consisted of four people helping with the project. On Thursday there was a crew of three contractors and a couple of our staff available for the day. We completed six greens on Wednesday and three greens on Thursday. All of the clean up was completed around the greens.





We plan to start working again next week and hope to finish the project with two strong days of work.  I will meet with the contractor this evening to discuss the schedule. We hope to start on Monday and get finished Tuesday night. The weather will determine the work schedule.
I have updated the irrigation software to include all of the new station details. The new setup will allow individual head control for green and green surround irrigation. This will allow us better irrigation management which will provide a better playing surface in a more efficient manner.
There have been some issues with golfers playing in groups larger than foursomes on the weekends. Groups no larger than four are allowed on weekends and holidays because it slows play tremendously. Last weekend there were groups of six and eight playing on Saturday. We are going to start sending a "ranger" around the course several times on the weekends to help control this issue. The best solution though is for the golfers to please be courteous and stay in groups no larger than four.
I have received quite a few questions in regard to our rental cart policy as well as punch cards. Our policy is we charge $24 for nine hole cart rental and $36 for 18 hole cart rental. Each golfer riding on the cart pays half of that dollar amount. If you are using a cart rental punch card it is one punch for each seat of the cart per nine holes of golf. Two golfers equals two punches for nine holes. Purchasing a rental cart punch card is a significant savings over paying a cart rental fee each time.  You are paying a little over $7 for one seat of a rental cart to play nine holes. 
Today we are hosting the second day of the Carl Spackler golf event. Yesterday there were 60 golfers starting at 8:00 with tee times. We still had open golf during the day. Today will be a shotgun start at 9:00 with open golf available later this afternoon. Hopefully the weather cooperates today. 
Please reach out to me with any questions or further information on a topic. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301
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