May 26, 2024
Good Morning,
The past week was spent on clean up after multiple storms passed through the area. There was a total of 4.5" of rainfall that arrived Monday night through Tuesday another .8" of precipitation overnight on Thursday. It was definitely a challenge for staff and volunteers to get the course back in playing condition. 
Rainfall totaling 1.25" Monday night and light rain showers continued Tuesday morning. Staff was able to get the greens mowed and complete a few other daily set up tasks before more rain started in the afternoon. The rain started off lightly then turned into a heavy storm. The rain came quickly and water levels started to rise from all the surface drainage. 
I was in the maintenance facility when the storm started Tuesday afternoon. The driving range had a lot of standing water prior to the storm and it only took about 15 minutes before it was under water. The golf course was filled with "rivers" running down almost every fairway. 



There was a heavy flow of water going down #13 fairway and it continued uninterrupted all the way through the golf course leaving the maintenance shed parking lot. The bridge on #12 was one foot under water with corn stalks packed around it. The irrigation pond was wrapped around five green and filled most of #11 fairway. The tenth fairway was under water all the way over to number nine. Water was inches away from the maintenance shed as well as the clubhouse. It's been quite a few years since the water levels were that high.


The water started subsiding later in the evening in a fairly timely manner. By Wednesday morning the standing water was pretty much limited to the tenth fairway and the driving range. Staff and volunteers started cleaning up the corn stalks and other debris around the golf course. We were open for golf at 9:00 AM. By late morning most of the debris had been removed from the golf course. 



Last week I discussed the 2017 Water Quality Project that was completed at the golf course and other areas of south Spencer. There are quite a few other projects that have been completed these past years that have improved the water issues as well. Overall, I think they have all proved to be successful in improving the water control issues.
Thursday morning we started mowing the golf course to get everything back under control. Fairways were double mowed to help get the fairways cleaned up and looking nice. Rough mowers were covering as much of the ground as time would allow. By late afternoon the course was in pretty nice shape considering the weather. 




Friday morning we were once again awakened to a thunderstorm rolling through the area. It left us after dropping almost one more inch of rainfall. The golf course had some standing water but only enough to close the driving range and have hole number ten remain playing as a par three. 
The weather was not too nice on Friday so the golf activity was a little slow. Staff was able to complete mowing practices and work on string trimming the golf course. The grounds crew spent a lot of time getting everything back in playing conditions for a busy weekend of golfers.



I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their Memorial Day weekend. I personally am thankful to the families of those who gave the greatest sacrifice for our Nation's freedom. Thank you for making this the land of the free and home of the brave!
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301
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