May 12, 2024
Good Morning,
The past week was filled with rain and more rain causing the golf course to become completely saturated with multiple days of surface drainage causing flooding. The irrigation pond was overflowing into the large flood drain but it could still not contain the water. The water flowed past the flood drain on #11 and crossed the fairway heading to the pond on #10. The small pond was no match for the heavy waters and #10 fairway was flooded toward #9 rough. The driving range contained the majority of the overflow until the tiles and waterway could direct the water off the property. It was a mess.
One of the positives from the excess rainfall is we should be passed the drought conditions we have experienced the past couple of years. Another positive is how successful the Water Quality Project of 2017 has become at the golf course and south Spencer. This project was developed to help control situations like we recently experienced. The goal was to slow the surface drainage of water onto the golf course leading through south Spencer. Prior to this project being completed flooding was far more serious during heavy rainfalls. 
The driving range and #10 fairway were the most affected by the heavy rainfall. Our range has been closed for several days the past week or two since all of the water ends up in the range and is the last area to have surface drainage leave the property. Number ten has been playing as a par three from the one hundred yard grasses for multiple days. We should be getting closer to things getting back to normal early next week.
I gave a presentation to the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association sharing our project experience with golf course superintendents from across the state. Here is the video presentation from that lecture five years ago to give you a little insight on the changes:
The golf course was closed for a limited time the past couple of weeks as we worked through the saturated conditions. The golfers at The Muni did a great job of using caution with their golf carts during this time period. Damage to the golf course has been very minimal and open golf has continued for the majority of the time. Thank you to the golfers for being respectful to the golf course.
Staff has also been busy trying to complete maintenance practices with the wet conditions. We have fallen a little behind on our mowing practices but overall staff has done a great job getting the golf course in playable condition as the week comes to a close. Great job by all the maintenance staff!
Our golf course irrigation renovation continues to be placed on hold for yet another week. Hopefully we can get this process started this coming week and have it completed in a timely manner. I will share updates as this project gets closer to starting.
We are starting to see a lot of spring dandelions popping up all over the golf course. I will be treating the golf course with a herbicide application to eliminate the dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. This is a long process and weather conditions have to be favorable. I will start working on these applications as weather and time permit. Please be a little patient as we are trying to get caught up on a lot of maintenance practices at this time.
The golf board is currently working on selling advertising for the new beverage cart. Morton Building committed to a ten year advertising agreement which helped us secure the funds for the purchase of the cart. We have sold six additional two year advertising agreements with six other area businesses for a cost of $500. We are still looking for an additional 4-6 businesses to complete the advertising.
Saturday was definitely one of the nicest days in 2024 and it looks like today should be pretty decent too. Enjoy the beautiful weather, especially that radiant sunshine. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301
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