Apr 28, 2024
Good Morning,
Last Sunday we hosted our first golf event of the 2024 season. This was a four person best shot with 144 golfers participating. This is the first event in a long time where all 36 teams that registered actually showed up for the tournament. It was a little breezy but everyone had a great time golfing. It was a very successful day for the golf course.
We had windy conditions almost every day this past week. The nighttime temperatures were warmer which has helped the golf course "green up" considerably. Overall, the golf course is looking great right now. However, 1.35" of rainfall has saturated the entire golf course. It is holding up well and I'm very happy with the current conditions.
This season we have started mowing our fairways back to the original pattern on each hole. Over the years some fairways have become wider but most fairways have narrowed. The fairways should be approximately ten feet from the yardage grasses marking each side of the fairways. There has been a little discoloration in some areas where we mowed the fairways farther out, but it is recovering very nicely. 
Our irrigation renovation has continued to be on hold due to the rainfall the past two weeks. We hope to start the work this coming week. Staff will be digging up existing heads around the greens as well as the valve boxes that control these irrigation heads. New heads will be installed around the greens and wire will be pulled from the valve boxes. The plan is to complete the project in a couple of weeks.
I will also be applying our pre emergent control for crabgrass in the fairways, tees, tee surrounds, and green surrounds. Some areas of the rough will also be treated to control the germination of crabgrass. This process will take me about twelve hours of spraying time. The wind conditions need to be below 10 mph to prevent drift. This is an annual treatment done every spring before soil temperatures rise to 50 degrees.
Herbicide applications will soon follow to help control the presence of dandelions, clover, and other weeds present on the course. These applications take approximately 36 hours to cover the entire golf course. Weather conditions must also be favorable to apply the herbicide. 
Golf leagues will be starting this coming week. Online tee times will not be available during league times. Please call the clubhouse to make a tee time on the opposite nine during league play. 
Please reach out to me with any questions or the need for more information. Enjoy the remainder of the rainy day weekend. Sunshine will be arriving soon.
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301
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