Apr 14, 2024
Good Morning,
The maintenance staff has spent the past couple weeks working on course preparation. There were a couple of trees removed and lots of branches and small sticks cleaned up throughout. We also went through all the streams and waterways to remove garbage and other debris impeding the flow of water. 
Most of the amenity items have been placed on the golf course. Tee markers, garbage cans, and ball washers have been set on every tee. Water cooler stands have been placed on holes 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, and 16. Scorecard boxes are on 2 and 11 tees. Divot pails are also in place on the par three tee boxes. The OB stakes have been set in place around the exterior of the golf course. These stakes are inset from the property lines to give homeowners a little bigger buffer zone between the properties.
Fairways, tees, and greens have been mowed multiple times this spring. We are not mowing very frequently because the grass has not started growing right now. The night time temperatures need to be warmer to raise the soil temperature. Higher soil temperatures and precipitation will jump start growing conditions and create a lot more frequent mowing practices. Overall the golf course looks great!


Once the soil temperatures increase, I will be spraying the tees, fairways, green surrounds, and areas of the rough with a preemergent to control any presence of crabgrass on the course. This application needs to be followed with rainfall or irrigation to move the chemical to the top of the soil profile. 

The crabgrass plant is an annual that dies off in the fall, the seeds drop from the plant and wait for warm spring temperatures to germinate. The preemergent eliminates the possibility of the crabgrass seeds from germinating. 
Our east cart shed is the main area of storage space for our rental cart fleet. The shed is also filled with private cart storage in the front half of the building. We cleaned out the north half of this shed to allow better overnight parking of our rental carts. This will allow us to 32 rental carts in the shed without interfering with private carts each day. 
I am very pleased to announce the new beverage cart has been delivered to The Muni. We purchased a used vehicle with a new cooler insert. This cart will allow us to sell dry goods along with beverages on the course. Thank you to everyone that donated to help make this addition to our golf course possible.
Special thanks to Morton Buildings for a ten year advertising agreement on the beverage cart. We will also be selling two year advertising spaces on the back of the cart at a cost of $500 for a two year space. We have a few businesses committed at this point. We are limiting these spaces so if you are interested in a sponsorship please contact me in the clubhouse.
Our Virtual Membership Drive concludes this weekend. I will have the raffle winners drawn at the end of closing tonight. You still have time to purchase your 2024 membership today before closing. Stop in the clubhouse or visit our website to make your online payment. We have had a great response to this membership drive. Thank you golfers!
I was able to get away for a few days last week to spend some time at The Masters with my dad. It was an amazing experience and I was fortunate to spend it with him and six other golf course superintendents from South Dakota and Minnesota. I really thank the golf course staff for keeping operations smooth in the clubhouse and on the grounds while I was gone.
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. The weather is absolutely beautiful this morning at the golf course. Please reach out with questions or the need for more information on a topic. Have a great day!
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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