Mar 4, 2024

Good Morning,

Our driving range opened last week and we had a lot of golfers take advantage of the warm February weather. This led to a lot of phone calls and text messages wondering about the opening date for the golf course. Every year I open the golf course as soon as the course is ready for cart traffic. To my own surprise we finally reached that point this past week.

 Driving Range 2-24-24.jpg

We spent the majority of the week preparing the golf course for opening. There has not been any mowing completed but quite a bit of prep work to clean up the golf course. Sand traps were repaired and raked to normal standards. There are no tee markers or other amenity items on the golf course other than trash cans, hand rakes, and flagsticks. The golf course is in great shape considering the time of the year. 

The golf course opened on Saturday morning to the delight of a lot of golfers. There were tee times from 9:44 until 3:00 with no openings. We ran out of rental carts at 1:00. Some of our guests had to wait for 15-30 minutes for carts to come in off the course. Most everyone was understanding of the high volume of golfers and the unfortunate wait time for carts. It was a wonderful opening day, setting a new record for earliest opening date. The previous date was March 12.

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 3-2-24 #18.jpg

 3-2-24 closing.jpg

The golf course held up very well for so much traffic on the first day of the season. We will be open today and close tomorrow so we can evaluate the golf course conditions. The warm temperatures and high winds have dried everything out rather quickly. Opening the irrigation system will be a strong possibility as we move forward

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 3-3-24 Range.jpg

Our new software has been performing quite well. I continue to find little glitches here and there and make some adjustments. Online tee times went great yesterday. We had the majority of our tee times done online, several tee times were over the phone, and a fair amount were walk-in golfers.

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Golfers have been fairly steady this morning whether it be driving range or tee times. The afternoon online tee times are filled for about a two hour span. I’m going to wrap up this update and get back to the front desk. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to me! Enjoy the day and remember to “swing easy when it’s breezy….”

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