2-11-24 Update

Feb 11, 2024
2-11-24 Update

Good Morning,
This past week I attended a seminar at Lake Creek Country Club, in Storm Lake, to learn about the updates to the World Handicap System. There are new changes for the 2024 season that will affect how a golfer’s Handicap Index will be adjusted for rounds of golf more than nine holes and less than 18 holes. There were approximately 25 golf courses represented from our area to receive the training.

The Iowa Golf Association rates all member courses in the State of Iowa to determine the level of difficulty through a slope rating and course average. Each set of tees, with a minimum nine hole yardage of 750 yards, is rated which allows a player to establish a Handicap Index. This GHIN handicap system operates through the USGA and allows a golfer to fairly adjust their handicap at any registered course. 

Our golfers at The Muni are able to purchase a GHIN at a cost of $25 for the season. I will set your information up online, you download the GHIN App, follow the registration prompt, and enter your scores for that particular course on that day. Every night your Handicap Index updates and can be used to adjust your handicap for a particular course you might be playing on a certain day.

I have been working with Emagine Marketing to develop a new website for the golf course. This new website will be user friendly through your phone or a computer. It will allow our customers online payment options as well as online tee times for our members. We are still in the design phase of the project but plan to have it operational by the end of the month. Here is a small photo of the new home page:


Sportsman Software and I continue to work together to get the new POS and online information available to our golfing public. Early next week the online information and fees should be completed and tied into the new website. This project continues to be a weekly priority as we inch closer and closer to the 2024 golf season.

I also spent quite a bit of time working on equipment in the maintenance facility. My main focus was some of our older equipment that has been updated in the equipment inventory in the past few years. I was able to get this 1995 model Cushman utility vehicle operational. This was the first equipment purchase I made at the golf course after I was hired in November of 1994:

 1995 Cushman.jpg

The warm weather has dropped the frost level below the top 5″ on our practice green. This will help benefit the penetration of any remaining moisture we receive and also limit the amount of standing water present on the golf course greens. Less standing water will decrease the threat of losing turfgrass from ice damage in these areas. There are definitely no guarantees with Mother Nature but it makes me feel a little less stressed knowing this information.

 PG 2-11-2024.jpg

Every Sunday I record weather information and a photo of the practice green as a part of the University of Minnesota winter turfgrass study. Currently soil temperatures are just below freezing at a 6 inch depth on the practice green. The sensors also record moisture levels in the soil at surface level, 3″ depth, and 6″ depth. Right now those moisture levels are adequate.

 PG sensor info 2-11-24.jpg

Winter weather can be some of the most stressful conditions on a golf course during a calendar period. Even though the grasses are dormant, stress can have a negative impact on the plant. Right now everything is looking very nice on the golf course. Hopefully this continues through the remainder of the off season.

The golf course will soon start our 2024 Virtual Membership Drive. Once the online operations are set up and functional golfers will have the ability to purchase their 2024 season passes and pay cart storage fees. Anyone who purchases these fees before the April deadline will be eligible for gift certificate drawings to The Muni.

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