Posted On Apr. 1, 2023
2023 Golf Season

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Visit the rate page, of our website, to see fees for the 2023 golf season.  We will once again have an all day junior green fee rate of $10 that allows any junior golfer, through high school age, to play unlimited golf on that particular day.  We are currently offering our junior pass at a discounted rate of $75.00.  This junior rate is available for youth golfers that are full time students through the age of 23.  Our goal is to encourage our younger generation to experience the wonderful game of golf at an affordable price.

We also offer our yellow forward tees for golfers that average a tee shot of 100 yards or less.  These tees allow you to play the golf course in a more enjoyable yardage without changing the layout of the golf course.  This has been a very popular addition the past couple of seasons.  We recently added the green course which is a combination of red and yellow tees.  There are six different tee options for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  Are main priority is for you to enjoy your round of golf!

We also offer young adult season passes for as low as $375.  If multiple payments are necessary we offer automatic bank withdrawal which can be completed online.  Call Brian @ 712-260-5370 for more information.

Your 2023 season pass will provide you with an added bonus.  You will receive reciprocating golf with Cherokee Country Club (712-225-4687), Little Sioux Golf (712-283-2162), Silver Lake Country Club (712-832-3213), Meadowbrook Golf (712-728-2060), Sibley Country Club (712-754-2729), Sheldon Country Club (712-324-4275), and Indian Hills Golf Course (712-336-4768).

The reciprocating fee is set by each individual course. Please call ahead to see what the fee is at each golf course.  Reciprocating fees at SMGC are $32 w/rental cart and $20 w/o rental cart. The reciprocating golf privileges are only good for open golf. It is not compatible with league, tournament, or event play. Also, if you have a Spencer address and purchase a membership at one of the reciprocating courses you will not be granted reciprocating privileges at the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.

Our punch cards are available for $260. This gives you 18 nine hole rounds of golf to use throughout the year. These punch cards will allow the nine hole league members to play the entire league season on one punch card. It also allows an affordable option to use our facility without purchasing season passes or paying green fees each visit.

Cart storage fees are due by April 15th, 2023.  Anyone interested in paying their season fees early by mail send your payment to Spencer City Hall, 101 West 5th Street, Spencer IA 51301.  Arrangements can also be made to stop in at the clubhouse for credit card payment.  The Spencer Municipal Golf Course does not accept credit card payment over the phone.

We continue to update the 2023 event calendar on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in holding an event please contact us to secure a date and discuss details.  Events held in 2022 will have the first choice to hold the same date in the upcoming season.

There were many updates done to the golf course as a result of the 2017 water quality improvement project.  These improvements will help improve the drainage, surface water drainage, control flooding, and increase water quality.  This process should improve the entire SW part of Spencer.

We look forward to seeing each of you during the 2023 golf season.

Director of Golf Operations,
Brian C Mohr



Posted On May. 28, 2023
5-28-23 Update
Good Morning,
This past week I have been busy spraying herbicide to control broadleaf weeds present around the golf course.  I've been starting about 5 AM and going until the wind picks up.  As of this morning, I have covered 84 acres of turf in the rough, fairways, tees, and green surrounds.  The golf course has been treated along all of the area adjacent to the homeowners.  I will continue to spray as weather permits this coming week.
 #1 on 5-28-23.jpg
 5-28-23 sunrise.jpg

The greens were sprayed with a foliar fertilizer, fungicide, and wetting agent on Wednesday morning.  The fungicide treatment is a preventative to alleviate the present of "dollar spot" and other diseases that start to pressure the turf.  The fertilizer is absorbed through the plant tissue and is available to the plant immediately.  The wetting agent helps hold moisture at the surface of the soil and limit isolated dry areas.

Staff has continued to work on hand topdressing and repairing damaged areas on the greens and collars.  We have seeded part of the area on the practice green where plugs and sod have been removed to make the repairs on the course.  We have been running a sprinkler head periodically to keep this area moist so the seed can develop.

There was a lot of winter damage in the fairways, greens, collars, etc.  We have been working to repair a lot of these areas but it is going to take some time.  The grass was slow growing up until a week or so ago.  It will continue to take a lot of tedious work to get everything filled in eventually.

The golf course is starting to look a lot better in the past week.  The grass is starting to grow in the fairways and on the greens.  The turf color has improved quite a bit during this time.  Fairways and tees will be fertilized in the next week or two.  This will really help get the grass growing and fill in some of the damaged areas.
 #13 5-28-23.jpg

The Emerald Ash Borer has taken a toll on a lot of our trees since last fall.  We removed close to 30 trees last fall and waited until this month to see how the remainder of them came through the winter.  A lot of ash trees will be treated to control the pest and they should be able to have a long life.  Quite a few other ash trees are past the point of no return.
 EAB on #2.jpg
 #2 EAB.jpg

The main symptoms are bark splinters all over the ground and woodpecker damage in the tree.  Little or no leaf canopy at the top of the trees shows damage to the tree as well.  We have a lot of trees with no leaf canopy in the top half and quite a few with no leaves at all.  These trees will be removed when time permits.  Staff will remove the smaller ones and the contractor will remove the large ash trees.
 EAB on #17.jpg
 #17 EAB.jpg

This coming week I will have a tree specialist on site to train me with the treatment process of the ash trees.  We are also going to further discuss being a test site to do some trial applications on ash trees to document data.  The testing might be done later this fall or in 2024.  Nothing has been decided at this time but I think it is a great opportunity to help in the process of finding better ways to treat EAB.

The golf course has really had a difficult time with golfers not following the rules.  Mainly, playing in groups larger than four when the course is busy.  this weekend we have posted signs to remind golfers foursomes only.  Staff will be periodically make trips around the golf course to make sure it is not being violated.  Yesterday went much better than last weekend.

I hope each of you enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.  Keep in mind those that fought for our freedom and paid the greatest price.  See you at the golf course if you have time to swing the sticks!

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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