Posted On Apr. 1, 2023
2023 Golf Season

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Visit the rate page, of our website, to see fees for the 2023 golf season.  We will once again have an all day junior green fee rate of $10 that allows any junior golfer, through high school age, to play unlimited golf on that particular day.  We are currently offering our junior pass at a discounted rate of $75.00.  This junior rate is available for youth golfers that are full time students through the age of 23.  Our goal is to encourage our younger generation to experience the wonderful game of golf at an affordable price.

We also offer our yellow forward tees for golfers that average a tee shot of 100 yards or less.  These tees allow you to play the golf course in a more enjoyable yardage without changing the layout of the golf course.  This has been a very popular addition the past couple of seasons.  We recently added the green course which is a combination of red and yellow tees.  There are six different tee options for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  Are main priority is for you to enjoy your round of golf!

We also offer young adult season passes for as low as $375.  If multiple payments are necessary we offer automatic bank withdrawal which can be completed online.  Call Brian @ 712-260-5370 for more information.

Your 2023 season pass will provide you with an added bonus.  You will receive reciprocating golf with Cherokee Country Club (712-225-4687), Little Sioux Golf (712-283-2162), Silver Lake Country Club (712-832-3213), Meadowbrook Golf (712-728-2060), Sibley Country Club (712-754-2729), Sheldon Country Club (712-324-4275), and Indian Hills Golf Course (712-336-4768).

The reciprocating fee is set by each individual course. Please call ahead to see what the fee is at each golf course.  Reciprocating fees at SMGC are $32 w/rental cart and $20 w/o rental cart. The reciprocating golf privileges are only good for open golf. It is not compatible with league, tournament, or event play. Also, if you have a Spencer address and purchase a membership at one of the reciprocating courses you will not be granted reciprocating privileges at the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.

Our punch cards are available for $260. This gives you 18 nine hole rounds of golf to use throughout the year. These punch cards will allow the nine hole league members to play the entire league season on one punch card. It also allows an affordable option to use our facility without purchasing season passes or paying green fees each visit.

Cart storage fees are due by April 15th, 2023.  Anyone interested in paying their season fees early by mail send your payment to Spencer City Hall, 101 West 5th Street, Spencer IA 51301.  Arrangements can also be made to stop in at the clubhouse for credit card payment.  The Spencer Municipal Golf Course does not accept credit card payment over the phone.

We continue to update the 2023 event calendar on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in holding an event please contact us to secure a date and discuss details.  Events held in 2022 will have the first choice to hold the same date in the upcoming season.

There were many updates done to the golf course as a result of the 2017 water quality improvement project.  These improvements will help improve the drainage, surface water drainage, control flooding, and increase water quality.  This process should improve the entire SW part of Spencer.

We look forward to seeing each of you during the 2023 golf season.

Director of Golf Operations,
Brian C Mohr



Posted On Nov. 26, 2023
11-26-23 Update
Good Morning,

This past week the irrigation system and pumphouse were winterized bringing a close to the 2023 golf season. The system was winterized at the end of October, but higher than normal temperatures and windy conditions required the need for water on the turfgrass. The system was opened back up Sunday morning on November 12.
I was able to apply irrigation cycles on a nightly basis through Monday, November 20th. I started the "blow out" process on the irrigation lines late morning on the 20th. I made it through 16 holes by late evening. I finished the remainder of the course the next morning followed by the winterization in the pumphouse. Everything was ready for winter by the end of the day.

Irrigation totals are dictated by the Iowa DNR through our water permit. The irrigation system has regulated use from April 1 through the month of October. Any irrigation use after October 31 requires an irrigation extension which is filed through the Iowa DNR. Our irrigation extension allowed me to use additional water out of our pond only to irrigate the course. 

The irrigation permit allows the golf course to draw 26,400,000 gallons of water out of our well pumping into the pond. The permit allows 39,609,000 gallons of water to be used out of the pond for irrigation. These totals are permitted April 1 thru October. 

For the month of November I used 1,600,660 gallons of water from the pond to irrigate greens, tees, and approaches. Season totals from the well were 16,414,100 gallons of water pumped into the pond. Irrigation use totals for the season, including the extension, were 30,741,800 gallons of water. These totals were approximately 72% of our permit allowance.

Cemetery staff was on site to help us clean up the two areas south of #12 retention pond where tile repairs were completed. We used solid pipe to replace the clay and perforated tiles that were damaged. We will also be removing a willow tree in the tile outlet area. This should help limit the ability of tree roots to penetrate and hinder the tiles moving forward.

Staff started our annual tree pruning and tree removal at the beginning of the past week. Five trees were removed from the golf course and the debris was hauled to the tree site north of town. Staff will continue tree pruning and removal this week. We still have multiple ash trees that will be removed by Campbell Tree Service in the near future. 

This weekend I set up machines and started sharpening our fairway reels. These are reel type units that have an 8-blades reel spinning against a bedknife that completes the cutting of the turf process. There are also six green units that have 14-bladed reels to cut at heights less than three millimeters. The reels are sharpened on a machine that levels and secures the reel so each blade can be sharpened evenly. The bedknife is secured on a specialized machine that levels and sharpens a clean edge across the bedknife.

The golf course closed on Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM. Flags will be pulled this week and golf will not be permitted until opening in the Spring of 2024. I sprayed greens, last Sunday, with a wetting agent which helps hold moisture in the soil profile keeping soil conditions from getting too dry. This week I will apply a fungicide application to prevent "snow mold" which is a fungus that appears when snow starts to melt in the Spring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please reach out if you have questions for me. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer
101 W 5th Street
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301

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