The clubhouse is a public building available during the golf course season only.  This facility was built for the golfing public first and foremost.  Any event that is held at the Spencer Municipal Golf Course should not interfere with the golfing public’s ability to use the facility.  The golf board will approve any exceptions.  Requirements for each group will fall under the listed guidelines:

  1. All catered events require 40% of the attendees to play golf.  The golf fee will be based on the current golf outing discounted rates.  A nine hole minimum rate will be required.  Any individuals holding a season pass will count toward the 40% rule for an event.  If the number of golfers fall below 40% then the group is responsible for payment of the balance in green fees.  All events must be preapproved by management or the golf board.

  2. All catered golf events will include a $2 charge for each person eating at the event.  This dollar amount will be used to cover the staffing and depreciation costs of the building.  The caterer will be responsible for the clean up in the snack bar area and set up areas.  The caterer will also be responsible for using their own supplies.  If supplies are used by the group or the caterer it will be at the discretion of management or the golf board.

  3. If golf is disrupted due to inclement weather the building will still be available for the catered event.  The payment option will be to purchase golf rain checks totaling 40% of the group.  Each event will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  4. All events are required to place a $75 security deposit at the time of scheduling. If the group cancels the event the security deposit will be non refundable.  The group holding the outing will be required to complete the general clean up in their area or forfeit the security deposit. 

  5. There will be no charge for individuals using the clubhouse in a social setting where food and drinks are purchased from Spencer Municipal Golf Course.

  6. Events that are sponsored or conducted by the city will always be allowed.

  7. All alcohol and beverages must be purchased from the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.  Management or the golf board must grant the privilege to have food brought onto the premises.

  8. Only management can schedule a golf event.  Part time staff is required to take the necessary information from a potential client and management will handle the scheduling.

  9. An event must be supervised by at least one person of management.  The start and finish of the event must be disclosed at the time of scheduling.  The Spencer Municipal Golf Course clubhouse will have a closing time of no later than 11:00 PM.  Exceptions to this time will be made by management or the golf board.

  10. There must be careful consideration to the size of any potential event requesting the use of our facility.  Any group size over 90 people is going to potentially cause a disruption to the normal operation of the facility.  The city manager or council might be contacted for guidance under some circumstances.

  11. Our main goal is to operate a golf facility that covers its own expenses while operating within the policies set by the golf board and the Spencer City Council.

Here is a list of examples that might help the explanation process of these guidelines a little more understandable:

  1. A group calls to hold a golf outing and a catered meal following the golf.

-Staff would require 40% of the group present at the meal would be required to play golf and a $75 security deposit is necessary.  A $2 fee will be assessed to each person eating in order to cover staffing fees.  If the number falls below 40% then they would be required to pay the difference.  If there is a rain out they would be required to purchase rain checks covering the 40% rule.  The rate would apply to a minimum of a nine hole group rate.  If an individual pays for 18 holes they would only qualify as one individual and not count as two nine hole rounds toward the 40% rule.

  1. The Iowa State Extension Service calls to hold a planning and zoning seminar for NW Iowa with a catered meal.

-They would be allowed to hold the event since the city would be part of the seminar and considered as the host site.  There would be no charge.

  1. A fantasy football league, of ten people, is in the clubhouse holding a league draft.  They are purchasing drinks and food from the golf course.

-There is no charge for this group because they are using the facility in a social setting. 

  1. The ladies morning golf league is having a pot luck luncheon following their morning round of golf.

-There is no charge for this event because they have all played golf during their morning league.  There is also no $2 charge for a catered event since they have paid individual league fees at the start of the year.

  1. A company calls to host a meeting, with 40 individuals, in our sun room.  They are going to cater lunch time meal.

-Management would inform the company they need to have 16 of these individuals play golf in order to cater their meal. They respond that they do not have time to play golf but would be willing to purchase rain checks in accordance with the 40% rule in order to host their meeting in the building.
-Management would sell them rain checks in accordance with the 40% rule and they could hold their meeting.  They would also be assessed a $2 fee to help cover staffing fees since they are catering a meal.

  1. F. A person calls to see if they can hold a family reunion with a pot luck meal.

-Management would inform them they need to have 40% of the people play golf with a $2 charge for each individual eating. If they don't want to play golf at this time they would be required to purchase green fee gift certificates with the 40% rule.

  1. A person calls to see if they can hold a family gathering in the clubhouse.

-If they do not wish to play golf and still hold their family gathering, they need to purchase all of their food and beverages from the golf course. This would fall under the category of a social setting. There would be no charge.

  1. The police chief calls to host an area law enforcement seminar.

There would be no charge since this would be a city sponsored function.

  1. The Chamber of Commerce invites the golf course and KICD to host Business after Hours on March 22.

There would be no charge for this event since it is a city sponsored event.

  1. A family calls to hold a wedding reception on December 15 following the service.

-This event would not be allowed since the clubhouse is closed for the off season.  The family calls back and says they are moving the wedding to April and want to use the facility.
-This situation would most likely fall under the conflict of interest.  I think this would compromise the clubhouse space available for the golfing public.

There are always going to be circumstances that arise in the clubhouse that do not replicate one of these scenarios.  It will be the job of management to consult with the golf board, city manager, or council in these situations.

Brian C Mohr

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