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Apr. 1, 2023
2023 Golf Season

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Oct. 1, 2023
10-1-23 Update
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Oct. 9, 2023
Senior Four Person Best Shot ($100 per team)
50+ Four Person Best … more
Oct. 9, 2023
Cross Country Conference Meet
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Golf in Spencer
Golf in Spencer
Spencer golf dates back to 1904 or earlier, when a handful of young men marked off a course in the area where the gates of the Clay County Fair now stand. The course consisted of tin cans buried in the ground for cups, and was in a pasture area with sheep doing the mowing. Players would use the sheep as a lie (point of reference) after hitting their ball, and would sometimes lose it after the sheep moved on! This "Kil-Care Golf Club" was used more or less for four years. Spencer golfers found plenty of support in 1919 when they proposed a Golf and Country Club as a recreational center, which eventually resulted in the incorporation of Spencer Golf and Country Club in June, 1919. A horse-drawn mower was shipped to Spencer from an eastern factory for lawn care.

Grandview Golf Course, located on Highway 71 on 4th Avenue SW opened in … View Complete History

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